Hyde & Wilde American Style IPA

Surprisingly light

Hyde and Wilde is claimed to be “Sainsbury’s own craft brewery”, in reality this is a selection of four beers brewed by Marston’s brewery exclusively for Sainsbury’s, with the excellent branding created by Parker Williams.

This one is the American Style IPA with a blend of barley and wheat, as well as Citra and Summit hops Рnothing unexpected there!

Hyde & Wilde American Style IPA, 5.6% ABV

The beer poured a yellow/gold colour and was crystal clear like a swimming pool, it started out with a lovely looking thin white head which unfortunately did not last very long.

As anticipated, the aroma was bold and full of juicy American hops – sweet grapefruit, orange and tropical fruit, with a wheat undertone, all making me excited to try the beer.

The taste was surprisingly smooth and light given how bold the aroma was, similar flavours to the aroma with classic American fruity hoppiness, just very light.

As per the taste, the short-mid length finish was very mild with a light bitterness, floral hoppiness, light sweet caramel and some spice.

The beer had a medium carbonation and was light bodied, almost watery. The flavour would work well for a session beer with a slightly lower ABV, but it was almost a disappointment how light the beer was compared to the aroma.


  • Overall Enjoyment
  • Session Compatibility


Given the aroma, a disappointingly light IPA.

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