One Mile End Brewery, Snakecharmer IPA

A bitter IPA

One Mile End brewery is another tale of passionate home brewers who have turned their hobby into a career. The interesting difference with these guys is that they started out brewing in the basement of the White Hart brewpub in Whitechapel in 2014, this must have been a great location to be doing this – in the thick of the action. The brewery grew and they moved to their current premises in Tottenham, right next door to the Redemption brewery – although they do keep the old stomping ground at the White Hart pub for special small batches.

One Mile End Brewery, Snakecharmer IPA – 5.7% ABV

When I first opened the Snakecharmer IPA (no idea why it is called this) it made so much noise I ran to the sink for fear of having a gusher, however it calmed down and when poured the result was a large, fluffy white head which lasted well. It had a nice gold-to-amber colouring and was hazy with some large bits of sediment, as can be seen in the picture. Despite this the beer was quite bright so it looked good and quite appetising.

The aroma had an appetising hoppiness with zesty citrus, grapefruit, passionfruit and hints of pine from the Citra and Mosaic hops, with a slight sweet caramel maltiness.

The flavour matched the aroma well with a sweet citrus hoppiness from the start, although the bitterness from these hops was not quite balanced by the slight caramel maltiness. There was also a hint of soapiness which was slightly less pleasant.

The mouthfeel was medium bodied, drying and slightly metallic, with a moderate carbonation and a mid-length finish which started sweet and fruity and subsided to a hoppy bitterness.

The beer had a nice, tantalising aroma which got my tastebuds going, however the excessive bitterness of the flavour let it down, I’d have another but would not be recommending to friends, a higher-than-average ABV means the beer does not lend itself to a session.

  • Overall Enjoyment
  • Session Compatibility


An inspiring aroma, let down by a bit too much bitterness.

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