Twickenham Brewery Honey Dark Mild

Nothing mild about this beer

I don’t like the word “mild”, it always strikes me as boring, middle-of-the-road, and uninspiring. Which is why before now I have never been too interested in Mild beers. At a recent visit to my local garden centre, I noticed the Honey Dark Mild by Twickenham Brewery, being a fan of honey and all things containing it, I decided I would bite the bullet and review a Mild.

Twickenham Brewery is unsurprisingly in Twickenham (of Rugby fame), it opened in 2004 and claims to be London’s oldest micro-brewery. Each month they do a monthly special and this Honey Dark Mild was the monthly ale for February 2018.

Twickenham Brewery Honey Dark Mild
Twickenham Brewery Honey Dark Mild – 4.8% ABV

The beer opened with very little fizz, and after some very aggressive pouring, ended up with a very small off-white head which had basically disappeared before I took the photo. A nice deep, dark brown colour, with very good clarity meant the beer looked good in spite of the lack of head.

The aroma was of dark roasted malts, sweet light toffee, chocolate, and some dark fruit hints of raisin and plum, with a slight yeastiness that altogether reminded me of a deep warming dark Belgian ale. The only surprise was the lack of honey!

The flavour was where the honey kicked in nicely, combined with chocolate, coffee and a similar light sweet fruitiness to the aroma, the flavour profile had depth and character.

The beer had a medium-length finish with dark malt, the sweetness of honey and fruit giving way to light coffee bitterness although the honey flavour lasts all the way through.

In line with the style, the beer had a medium-low carbonation, with a delicate mouth feel, smooth, a light body bordering watery compared to what was expected given the darkness of the beer.

Considering my aversion to Mild’s before this beer, I was very impressed, this was like a light, sweet Porter with good depth of character, it would go well as a session ale.

  • Overall Enjoyment
  • Session Compatibility


An excellent dark mild, a deep, warming character.

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