Brekeriet Picnic Sour Ale

A strong, low-alcohol sour ale

An interesting picnic sour ale from my BeerBods selection this time. I am unsure exactly what a “picnic” ale is, I suppose one that is designed to be light and enjoyed with a picnic in the afternoon?

This one is made by the Brekeriet brewery, founded in 2010 and based in Österleden which is almost as far south as you can go in Sweden, a stone’s throw from Copenhagen.

I recently did a review of a Norwegian Pale Ale from the Amundsen brewery and discovered that Norway has some strict alcohol laws, where any drink being more than 4.75% ABV can only be sold via the government-run Vinmonopolet. It turns out Sweden has even more draconian laws with alcohol, here any drink over 3.5% ABV can only be sold by their government-run monopoly called the Systembolaget. Although any drink less than 2.25% ABV can be sold anywhere without restrictions (not even age restrictions) so I am not surprised to see this beer being 2.2% ABV.

Brekeriet Picnic Sour Ale
Brekeriet Picnic Sour Ale – 2.2% ABV

The beer poured with a small, bubbly white head which disappeared pretty much immediately, gold-to-amber in colouring, the beer had perfect clarity.

The aroma was a smooth fruitiness, with rhubarb, apples, a light bready maltiness and light yeast, strong but not in-your-face.

The flavour was unsurprisingly quite sour, tart fruit, apples, and rhubarb, it was quite dry and had a metallic minerality.

The finish was long and slightly sour, with a lemony citrus bitterness. A mid-level of carbonation, as previously mentioned the mouth-feel was metallic, but also tingly, watery but quite refreshing.

This was not a bad beer, with a lovely fruity aroma and sour flavour, the low alcohol content would be good for a session but the sourness could get a bit much after more than one or two.

  • Overall Enjoyment
  • Session Compatibility


A nice, fruity sour beer, powerful considering the low-alcohol content.

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