Bières Levrette Levrette Cherry

Beer that tastes like sweets!

Recently travelling to France, I had the pleasure of visiting (not for the first time!) La Maison des Vins d’Ancenis. Most people are there for the wine – understandably so – but they also stock some rather random beers that I always find interesting. This time, my favourite of the day was Levrette Cherry from French brewery Bières Levrette.

I love fruit beers, sour or sweet, so thought that this one at 3.5% ABV was a good place to start. As you can see, it poured a glorious, bright red colour, with almost no head.

Bières Levrette Levrette Cherry
Bières Levrette Levrette Cherry – 3.5% ABV

The aroma was all cherry, so I dived straight in to the tasting. Quite simply, it’s like a liquid form of the Bassetts Cherry Drops (remember those!?). There’s no malt or hops, and no bitterness at all. In fact, it’s so sweet that my drinking partner for the day (my father-in-law) really disliked it.

However, for me, it was delightful. It didn’t really taste like a beer, and unless you’ve got the sort of sweet tooth that sees you never finding anything too sweet, you’ll probably struggle to drink it. But if you have tastes like me, you must not miss this.

  • Overall Enjoyment
  • Session Compatibility


A super-sweet beer that tastes like sweets!

2 thoughts on “Bières Levrette Levrette Cherry – Beer that tastes like sweets!

  1. Jordan Davies says:

    I love this beer but cannot find it in the United States. Any ideas as to how I might find a distributor anywhere in the world which ships to the USA specifically Vermont? We travel to Lauzerte every year but not this one for the obvious reason. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

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