Beartown Brewery Bearskinful

A dry malty bitter

I found this one on tap at one of my locals. Bearskinful from Beartown Brewery caught my eye with it’s striking pump clip and I was in the mood for something on the maltier side.

Beartown Brewery was established in 1994… and that’s about as much as I can tell you about the brewery. Their website is “coming soon”. Oh, I could also tell you that they’re based in Congleton, Cheshire, which is also known as Beartown.

Beartown Brewery Bearskinful
Beartown Brewery Bearskinful – 4.2% ABV

In the olden days, apart from lace and silk, Congleton was famous for its bear baiting. Once, the town bear died just before the annual wakes fair.  At the time, the town had been saving to buy a new bible, but instead spent the 16 shillings from the fund to buy a new bear. Hence the saying that goes: “Congleton rare, Congleton rare, sold the bible to buy the bear” – as featured on this beers pump clip. It also explains the brewery’s logo.

Bearskinful pulled a rich amber in colour with a dense, creamy white head. It took several minutes for the beer to clear, whether that was due to the pump or the beer I’m not sure. It has a subtle sweet malt nose with very little going on with the hop side. As I’ve been finding with most beers that have a thick head, the aroma ends up being somewhat muted.

Beartown Brewery Bearskinful
Bearskinful pours a rich amber in colour and takes a while to clear

The initial taste is of medium sweet malts, with the promised flavour of toffee. It’s quite dry and finishes verging on very dry, with a medium bitter end. Despite the creamy head, the carbonation was very low and it lacked a bit of body. The mouthfeel was a touch on the watery side.

Overall it was a drinkable pint and it went OK with my Black Country beef stew but it was nothing outstanding. At 4.2% ABV it’s safe enough to knock back a few pints if you like a dry bitter.

  • Overall Enjoyment
  • Session Compatibility


A dry bitter, a touch on the watery side

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