10 Barrel Brewing Co Pub Beer

America doesn’t understand pubs

America again – I’m definitely moving. Specifically, 10 Barrel Brewing Co. which started brewing in 2006 in Bend, Oregon. This brewery offers a selection of beers, but today’s choice is the simply named (and logo’d) Pub Beer. 10 Barrel’s website is great, with plenty going on; and this beer is described as having floral hops present, with a hint of pear, so I was quite excited to try it. It pours like most lagers, fairly highly carbonated with a white head, although that didn’t last long.

Unfortunately, that’s essentially the end of the story. The promise of hops and pear isn’t fulfilled, with a slight maltiness on the nose and some corn-like sweetness, but essentially aromas of… nothing. Tasting it isn’t that different – a very slight maltiness (possibly Pilsner Malt), but no flavour at all. It’s like cardboard; with a slightly bitter-cardboard finish. It reminds me of the first non-alcoholic beers I tried in the 90s, before people started offering non-alcoholic beer with actual flavour (like Brewdog’s Nanny State!). I’ve described two beers as boring in previous reviews, Caledonian Bitter Winter and Felinfoel Double Dragon; but I’d take them both over this.

10 Barrel Brewing Co Pub Beer
10 Barrel Brewing Co Pub Beer – 5% ABV

Apparently it started as a project to brew an easy drinking lager that their employees could drink during the day whilst at work. Given the advertising on the website is mostly videos of people knocking back cans on the beach, it would presumably be an interesting place of work. I’m certain the marketing wouldn’t be allowed in the UK, including the tagline “brewed to crush; made to crush a few”. But then I also don’t see anyone in the UK drinking it, so maybe that doesn’t matter.

I’m a firm believer that America doesn’t quite get “pubs”. This beer confirms my suspicions.

At 5%, you could drink a few if you really wanted to. But you might die of boredom.

  • Overall Enjoyment
  • Session Compatibility


Boring, mostly tasteless, cardboard. If this is pub beer, I don’t want to go to that pub

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