Harper’s Wild Bill’s IPA

An unashamed American style IPA

Wild Bill’s is an unashamedly American style IPA is brewed by Marston’s, for Aldi, using the Harper’s name. The fantastic Wild West style label featuring a buffalo skull, cacti and five-point ranger stars certainly does not pull any punches hammering home its American style.

Marston's Wild Bill's IPA
Marston’s Wild Bill’s IPA – 5.0% ABV

The beer pours with a clean, bubbly, white head. It has a toffee to light amber colouring, almost golden in bright light. The nose is classic American style, with strong, citrus hops coming through, with a slight maltiness.

The beer had a good, mid-to-high level of carbonation and a maltiness that gives a reasonable mouth-feel. The zesty hops come through in the taste but not as strong as expected. The mid-length after-taste had a surprising twist turning quite bitter which was a little bit grating.

Overall Wild Bill’s IPA is a good beer, the 5.0% ABV and bitterness on the after-taste would stop me having more than one or two but well worth trying, and great value.

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