Sharp’s Atlantic

Good with light cakes

Tesco recently had a set of Sharp’s beers on offer and I’ve only really had Doom Bar before, which I really enjoy. I figured it was time to see what some of their other offerings were like. I got a bottle of Atlantic, Doom Bar, Wolf Rock, and Sea Fury, all for £6.

Sharp’s brewery is based in Rock, North Cornwall (which, by the way, is a place, not an actual, specific rock…) and was founded in 1994. They’ve grown quite a bit in the last 20 or so years. They started off as a microbrewery doing around 500 pints a week and now they output over 100,000 barrels a year!

Atlantic is brewed with two types of malt, tropical and citrus fruits, and new world hops. It won Gold in the World Beer Awards, United Kingdom category, in 2016.

Sharp's Atlantic Exceptional Pale Ale
Sharp’s Atlantic Exceptional Pale Ale – 4.5% ABV

It pours with a frothy and light head which is initially very lively but soon fades to a thin covering. The beer itself has a medium level of carbonation.

Atlantic has a relatively malty nose given that it is a Pale Ale, with mild citrus notes, and a subtle blend of hops. The taste is not as malty as the smell, with the citrus and hops becoming more apparent, though not overwhelming. It has a slight sweetness to it and not much bitterness.

I was pleasantly surprised by Sharp’s Atlantic Exceptional Pale Ale and I would certainly buy (and drink) it again. It’s quite thirst quenching, and I imagine it would go down well on a hot summers day. I paired it with a homemade lemon drizzle cake and the citrus of the ale worked really well with the citrus in the cake.

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Refreshing and pleasantly surprising

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